Thursday, September 8, 2016

A (lengthy) Overdue Explanation

Hello everyone!

I guess I should finally pop back in and say that I’m still alive… I’m so sorry for the super long hiatus @.@ I honestly wasn’t planning to go on hiatus, but senior year pretty much killed me so I barely had any time to read and blog. But honestly, the more time I spent away from the blog, the less I wanted to post. It became one less thing to worry about. Don’t get me wrong, I love reading and talking about all things book related, but I admit that blogging is more of a hobby to do in my free time. I admire and praise all the book bloggers who post daily and consistently, but I know I’ll never be one of them.  I don’t have a permanently set schedule but rather post freely when I feel like it. That’s probably why my blog is such a mess but when I try to cram too much blogging into a certain timeframe it starts to feel like a chore rather than something fun.
Honestly, I was a terrible blogger to begin with. Book blogs were a completely foreign concept to me at first. I didn’t even know an entire community of book bloggers existed until I received a comment on my Goodreads status from a blogger informing me of a giveaway happening on her blog for that particular book. My curiosity led me to click on it and from there I fell head first into the world of blogs. I found so many different book blogs that summer and ultimately became fascinated. I always loved books, so I found myself thinking “I could totally create my own blog and review books too!”. I had no clue about anything remotely blogging related (much less even writing reviews, scheduling posts, blog designs, etc). After naively flailing about for some time, I slowly got the gist of it but blogging never became a serious part of my life. Yes, I love talking about books, but I found myself shying away from other (bigger) bloggers, mostly because I’m a socially awkward potato. LOL. I guess because I never built any strong connections between other bloggers and readers, I didn’t feel as obligated to post regularly. Once school began, everything went downhill from there because by the time I finished my assignments and studying, I felt too tired to even blog. And then during summer I fell into the hole of K-drama but that's a whole other story.
I suppose the point of this entire long ramble is that reading is my passion, but not blogging. I'm not trying to make up excuses for my inconsistency (because I know I'm a mess), but I felt that I should at least let everyone know that I'm still alive. I can’t promise to post regularly (especially with college starting), but I don’t think I’ll permanently close my blog anytime soon either because I still love the book community. Of course I’ll continue to support authors but blogging just falls lower on my list of priorities. Again, I apologize for my extremely long (and unmentioned) absence. I hope this letter clears up things a bit. Thank you for hearing me out<3

PS- I have a post going up tomorrow, and I'm currently working on some long overdue reviews at the moment so hopefully those will be up soon!
Also, I’m thinking about changing my review format which might help me post faster :)

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